3rd Sector Consulting



We provide a range of professional advice including strategy, planning, revenue generation and risk


We offer product and service development in order to boost our client’s enterprise


We offer bespoke courses ranging from sales, negotiation, and marketing through to management and public speaking


We offer end-to-end event planning, management and delivery with experience in conferences, fundraisers and educational events

Visionary, Innovative and Effective Business Solutions

About Us

3rd Sector Consulting is an organisation that utilises its skills to help charities, SMEs and ethically minded businesses reach new heights.
Our client relationships are built on Integrity and Trust

We believe social welfare initiatives should be able to effectively leverage skills and resources required to achieve the best outcome for society. We believe not-for-profit organisations should lead the way for businesses in the UK acting as an example for others to follow. We believe value-driven SMEs deserve the support they need to thrive under today’s difficult market conditions. And we’re here to make these beliefs a reality.

  • 70% of people in the UK gave financial aid to charities last year (CAF 2015 Report)

  • However, the amount the UK public has donated to charity, in real terms, has fallen by 20% in the past 10 years (CAF 2015 Report)

  • 75% of donors give because of a particular belief that they have in a specific cause (CAF 2015 Report)

  • 61% of donors give because of a personal experience they have had (CAF 2015 Report)

The founder

The man behind the vision
Mohammed Adel Chowdhury
Mohammed has 6 years’ experience in the private, public and 3rd sectors building a strong portfolio of skills which he uses to support charities, community organisations and ethically-minded businesses. Along with his team of associates, he is committed to helping clients reach new heights.

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